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Failed To Get Application Information Attribute Of Configured Proxy Server

Also refer to the documentation of RDBMS server vendor for the possible causes of the problem SQL Exception when executing query to get column metadata: exception-detail Cause: cause-of-exception SQL State: sql-state ignoreErrors Type String Default (none) Lists specific exceptions to not report to New Relic. When I try to add the Websphere server, it gave an error message "service is not running" and monitor is not added? This is done by specifying the appropriate validator name in the validationType, and additional parameters in the validationParameter in the attribute schema. http://homecomputermarket.com/failed-to/failed-to-retrieve-player-information-from-server-pokemon-go.html

I'm facing problem while adding the Websphere monitor. Report Abuse Like Show 0 Likes (0) Go to original post Actions More Like This Retrieving data ... Reason: Polling is not yet started. Solution1: If the log file has the below error message AppManager-Home/working/apache/bin/httpd:/lib/i686/libc.so.6: version`GLIBC_2.3' not found (required by Appmanager-Home/working/apache/lib/libdb-3.2.so or (libgdbm.so.2)) Then the library libdb-3.2.so or libgdbm.so.2, bundled in Applications Manager may not https://community.emc.com/thread/122916?tstart=0

If SNMP is enabled, check the SNMP agent and use data from it 3. On adding a service to be monitored, I get a message "Service is not running" (or) some of my services that are being monitored generates false alarms. Application information attribute VADP_HOST for client vm_hostname is set to "something.our.fqdn". But for some reason, the MBean could not be registered.

Deleting snapshot for 'snapshot-100615' ... Enabling high security means SSL is turned on, request and message queue parameters are not collected, and queries cannot be sent to New Relic in their raw form. In this example, the agent excludes all attributes whose key begins with myApiKey (myApiKey.bar, myApiKey.value), but collects the custom attribute myApiKey.foo. myApiKey.* myApiKey.foo You can also define We also have the NetWorker server as the VADP proxy and it started failing for no apparent reason.

Possible values, in increasing order of detail, are: off emergency fatal alert critical severe error warn notice info debug fine trace finer verbose finest all Increasing the logging level will increase Solution: 1)Stop Applications Manager 2)Go to /working/conf> directory 3)Edit the seed.file present there, change entry to 4)Restart the Applications Manager and add the monitor again. [Question] 3. Application element (configuration) (REQUIRED) The application element is a child of the configuration element. https://adsm.org/lists/html/Networker/2012-05/msg00003.html Contents Configuration settings precedence By default, the .NET agent includes only a global configuration file named newrelic.config.

Solution: To delete the monitor also, click 'Monitors' tab, select the monitor and click Delete. As our VCB backup proxy was also the backup server itself, we've naturally had to switch from the (working) VCB backup method to the new (awful!) VADP backup method. Trying to connect to the VM using VM name 'vm_hostname'. attributes Use this sub-element to customize your agent attribute settings for error traces.

Cross application tracing makes it easier to understand the performance relationship between services and applications. The crossApplicationTracer element supports the following attribute: enabled Type Boolean Default true Enable or For AppManager to monitor jboss, both ip and hostname should be accessible to Applications Manager. The OS/400 will appear as unknown under the Servers category. [Question] 10. See the additional note below about how to read schema information. 2.

WebSphere Monitoring I'm trying to monitor Websphere 6.X . navigate here This sets the label names and values to associate with the application. If this value is set to 0, each HTTP request will be authenticated with the Crowd server. Re: VADP Backup of linux VM failed Frank Kuhn Jan 5, 2012 5:36 AM (in response to V6OyhxmJjV1258011749894) It doesn't matter if I create the clint with short or FQDN -

When trying to connect to the web client using http://hostname:9090, I get "Forbidden. While adding Apache, IIS Monitor, message 'Service not running' is thrown I get this message while monitoring web services "Proxy setting updated. Could not find dependent assemblies for assembly 'assembly'. Check This Out This is the point of registration for the sections (for example, to unregister a section from the system, remove its line from this section – no need to remove its schema

Click Connection Settings in the Options dialog box. In Tomcat monitoring, some URLs/applications that are not present in my Tomcat are shown. Applications Manager can connect only to the JBoss server's ipaddress and could not resolve its hostname Solution: Add an entry for jbosshostname/jbossip in \drivers\etc\hosts in the machine in which

When I configure a Web Server to be monitored, I see that the system in which the Web Server runs is also added.

Also, in Reports screen, on clicking any attribute for reports, it prompts with message, "No Data available to generate Reports for the specified time period". To unlock it for all sites, specify this in applicationHost.config: Note: path="." and path="" have the same effect. The server failed to reload the configuration and the running instance could possibly be impacted by the configuration problem. Note the following: This document specifies the content of each configuration section, as appears in applicationHost.config.

It may mark the attribute as required. Current DIT not altered. Solution: To execute permission use the following command (as superuser) chmod +x root from /directory [Question] 7. http://homecomputermarket.com/failed-to/failed-to-launch-server-application-arcmap.html In this case, the syntax will be "". contains several items: The runtime type of the attribute.

Collections contain multiple elements, which can be added and removed from them individually. Problem during Data Collection or no performance data is displayed in my screens. This needs to match the name you specified in Adding an Application. Monitoring - General I deleted a monitor from my monitor group, still the monitor is monitored.

While trying to monitor JBoss I get error such as 'Unable to collect Data for ' and I do not get JVM and EJB details. The output file 'file' could not be opened. Could not instantiate the licenses processor Could not instantiate the resource processor Could not transform licenses file 'file' into a binary resource. The schema for each configuration section is defined in a XML element. See a sample file - Sample_http_invoker_sar.html which highlights all the ports that need to be changed.

Use customEvents to configure custom events. The CustomEvents element supports the following attributes: enabled Type Boolean Default true Enable or disable the event recorder. You can view the information only in the next polling interval. [Question] 5. Solution: If you are sure that Applications Manager is not running, then delete the file in /working/> directory. Confirm and manage identities.

For eg., Check whether you have deployed perfservlet in the correct server. While trying to configure server monitor for a particular server I am getting the below error "Error # The RPC server is too busy to complete this operation". requestTimeout Type Integer Default 2000 (sendDataOnExit enabled) 120000 (sendDataOnExit disabled) Unit Milliseconds The agent's request timeout when communicating with New Relic. Environment information includes operating system, agent version, and which assemblies are available.

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