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Failed To Modify Qp To Rtr Network Is Unreachable


http://review.gluster.com/148 http://review.gluster.com/149 http://review.gluster.com/201 Let us know if it works for you with these patches. Reply Dotan Barak says: July 8, 2015 Hi Elena. retransmission, violation, etc.), maybe this flow isn't fully tuned. I'll add this note on RoCE, so people won't fail on it again... this contact form

SQD state In order to move to this state, one must call ibv_modify_qp() from the RTS state. struct ibv_qp_init_attr qp_init_attr; memset(&qp_init_attr, 0, sizeof(qp_init_attr)); qp_init_attr.qp_type = IBV_QPT_RC; qp_init_attr.sq_sig_all = 1; qp_init_attr.send_cq = conn.cq; qp_init_attr.recv_cq = conn.cq; qp_init_attr.cap.max_send_wr = DEFAULT_CQ_SIZE / 2; qp_init_attr.cap.max_recv_wr = DEFAULT_CQ_SIZE / 2; qp_init_attr.cap.max_send_sge = std::min((int)MAX_SGE, Any QP can be transitioned to Reset or Error state by calling ibv_modify_qp() from any state. Thanks, -J text/html attachment: attachment Next message: Rolf vandeVaart: "Re: [OMPI users] anybody tried OMPI with gpudirect?" Previous message: Jeff Squyres: "Re: [OMPI users] mpirun error: "error while loading shared libraries:

Failed To Modify Qp To Rtr Network Is Unreachable

Are you using explicit ibv_modify_qp(() or do you call librdmacm function? Value can be [1..dev_cap.max_sge] max_recv_sge The maximum number of scatter/gather elements in any Work Request that can be posted to the Receive Queue in that Queue Pair. The value of the entry in the P_Key table that outgoing packets from this QP will be sent with and incoming packets to this QP will be verified within the Primary

Finally, we reinstall the OFED drivers and it works. Value can be [1..dev_cap.max_sge]. The following tables indicate for each QP Transport Service Type, the minimum list of attributes that must be changed upon transitioning QP state from: Reset --> Init --> RTR --> RTS. Ibv_qp_cap Please reload CAPTCHA. 9 × 7 = Sidebar Donate If you like RDMAmojo, you can support its progress Search Search TagsAddress Handle AH Asynchronous events CM Completion event channel Completion Queue

the number of routers) that the packet is permitted to take before being discarded. Ibv_modify_qp The Service Level to be used src_path_bits The used Source Path Bits. Init state Description In order to move to this state, one must call ibv_modify_qp() from Reset state. go to this web-site Mellanox say that this GID specification is a new option.

struct ibv_qp_attr { enum ibv_qp_state qp_state; enum ibv_qp_state cur_qp_state; enum ibv_mtu path_mtu; enum ibv_mig_state path_mig_state; uint32_t qkey; uint32_t rq_psn; uint32_t sq_psn; uint32_t dest_qp_num; int qp_access_flags; struct ibv_qp_cap cap; struct ibv_ah_attr ah_attr; Ibv_create_qp So peer side can know peer socket already closed. No packets will be sent from this QP. I've tried recompiling charmrun, using the current version that I also obtained with the namd source.


RDMAmojo. https://community.mellanox.com/thread/1675 I understand that every retry is triggered after the QP timeout expires. Failed To Modify Qp To Rtr Network Is Unreachable Share:ShareClick to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in Ibv_query_qp The values are exchanged via TCP sockets (lid=4 qp_num=116 psn=9105394 from client to server and lid=3 qp_num=116 psn=14618275 from server to client).

Are you using IB or RoCE? weblink Typically, I'm able to successfully complete thousands of requests before the failure occurs (actually, the application often finishes without errors). I listed my code here: struct ibv_qp_attr attr; int qret; attr.retry_cnt = (uint8_t)7; attr.timeout = (uint8_t)14; attr.rnr_retry = (uint8_t)7; qret = ibv_modify_qp(id->qp, &attr, IBV_QP_RETRY_CNT|IBV_QP_TIMEOU T|IBV_QP_RNR_RETRY); Thanks Reply Dotan Barak says: October Thanks Dotan Reply Adrian says: March 24, 2015 I'm using IB and explicit ibv_modify_qp() Dotan Barak says: March 24, 2015 It is weird; since this return value isn't really returned ... Ibv_wc_rnr_retry_exc_err

For that, we have two nodes, the first node has XenServer 6.2 dom0 and the second node has CentOS 6.4. If the destination is in another subnet, the LID of the Router sl 4 bits. I took it to mean that the QP has already transitioned to an error state. navigate here Please type your message and try again. 2 Replies Latest reply on Oct 19, 2014 4:25 AM by ferbs ib_send_bw test with ConnectX-3 VPI adapter card over XenServer 6.2 fails with

Thanks Reply Dotan Barak says: March 26, 2015 Hi. Ibv_wc_wr_flush_err Only Work Requests in the receive queue will be processed. Another option is that this happening because of other issues (for example: is the NUMA node is local or remote?

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All subsequent Work Requests in that queue and all Work Request in the other queue and new Work Requests posted to both of the queues will be flushed with error. Thank you for your time. The TCP versions run, but the ibverbs version fails. Rdma Cm It can be one of the following enumerated values:

IBV_MIG_MIGRATED - The state machine of path migration is Migrated, i.e.

We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. It can be one of the following enumerated values:

IBV_MTU_256 - 256 bytes IBV_MTU_512 - 512 bytes IBV_MTU_1024 - 1024 bytes IBV_MTU_2048 - 2048 bytes IBV_MTU_4096 - 4096 bytes For UC The argument attr is an ibv_qp_attr struct, as defined in . his comment is here We've downloaded the Linux-x86_64-ibverbs compiled version of namd 2.8 as well as others.

In Infiniband, you should perform path query to the SA or use CM or CMA, in iWARP, you should use the CMA ibv_modify_qp() failed, what are the attributes of that QP method : Ethernet--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- local address: LID 0x1b QPN 0x0866 PSN 0x301c00 remote address: LID 0x13 QPN 0x0064 PSN 0x86e97eethernet_read_keys: Couldn't read remote address Unable to read to socket/rdam_cmFailed to exchange data Explicit ibv_modify_qp call to change QP state to RTR fails and returns 101. (My code is based on ibv_rc_pingpong program, an example from libibverb library. In my case the responding side (where the device is) must remain as passive as possible.

If (in your experience) the link will be stable until the last retransmission, ib_write_lat will continue working.. qperf supports 4k MTUs just fine, however the MTU on the given device is limited to whatever the device and switch are set to. In the remote side everything is normal when these errors happen. RQ Logic receives duplicate copy of request.

The QP will send packets from this QP as a responder (i.e: data, acks and nacks).