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Failed With Abend A004

Module: RHDCD0ZU Severity: 0 ABNDS020 S020 Reason: RESIGNON - ERE ALREADY QUEUED. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1132 1132 Reason: An attempt was made to set a must-write switch for a page that was not exclusively locked. It is intercepted by PDSMAN who gets ABEND0C4. Module: IDBCAT Severity: 0 ABNDIDB2 IDB2 Reason: The abend is caused by the severity of the previous message that was #WTL as a result of the error. navigate here

Menu Contents Menu Documentation Legal Notice My Account Sign In Why CA Products Education & Training Services & Support Partners CA Easytrieve - 11.6 Documentation powered by DocOps results are available. Beta version of product corrected problem. Module: IDMSRAD6 Severity: 0 ABNDRAD1 RAD1 Reason: The abend occurs because no storage was available to print an error message. This is an internal error.

An internal logic error has occurred. This is the accepted answer. An internal logic error has occurred. This is a result of an error communicating with the CA IDMS/DC Central Version.

The user program is abended with system completion code EAD. CA1 Fix: T5XD277. Please contact B&B for complete fix details. . The message can appear in a different region from where the abend occurred.

If anyone could pass along pointers I would appreciate it and would like to expand on this mechanism. This may be due to contention with a concurrent transaction updating the same location within the index or an index that is already corrupt. Updated on 2008-06-10T23:30:37Z at 2008-06-10T23:30:37Z by djw Show: 10 25 50 100 items per page Previous Next Feed for this topic United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Other possible causes are a discrepancy between the number of entry points in the module and the number of entry points in the NLE or a corruption of the DYLE table.

If the next job to read the tape, reads only part of the volumes, when job ends, remaining volumes are returned to scratch as if RECATLG was done. This is caused by a dbms logic error. Per B&B, the problem occurs because BBI3 attaches tasks under BBVTLOAD without BBVTLOAD's knowledge. A CICS/VSAMT interface was started but there is no z/OS subsystem installed.

DB2 then attempts to open the data set, but it has not been allocated, resulting in an allocation error. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1157 1157 Reason: While walking an index structure, an attempt was made to read an SR8. I think the basics are working the first time through but making connection to the listener a 2nd time causes it to die with "Child: Failed to bind socket w/errno = This can occur if an illegal verb is issued from a COBOL, C, or PL/I program or an assembler LE-compliant program.

This is usually indicating some type of problem with the run-unit's RP71/AP72 structure. check over here In all cases, the current IBM description shall take precedence. (IDMS) SVC number 175 has not been installed. Module: IDMSSTGP Severity: 0 ABNDVOUT VOUT Reason: An external request unit is no longer active. Here is a 1 page presentation I created for a customer once which may help.

Module: RHDCUCFC Severity: 0 ABNDA003 A003 Reason: Bad terminal ID from back-end. It is not known how many generations of GDGB will be maintained in the following situation: tape 1 tape 2 GDGA (limit = 2) GDGC (limit = 10) GDGB (limit = ABEND0C4 in OPEN PROCESSING using SYNCSORT 3.7 problem involves dynamic SORTWK's going to 16 extents. http://homecomputermarket.com/failed-with/failed-with-exit-status-140.html Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate.

Module: RHDCUCFC Severity: 0 ABNDA002 A002 Reason: TIMER request failed. Module: RHDCD0ZU Severity: 0 ABNDS003 S003 Reason: No matching PTE found for printer. The UCF front end has detected an invalid request code.

Module: IDMSINTC Severity: 0 ABNDK006 K006 Reason: EXEC CICS INQUIRE TRANSACTION(xxxx) PROGRAM(INTCNAME) failed The CICS external interface attempted to use the CICS INQUIRE macro to establish the name of the IDMSINTC

This may be caused by a DBMS logical error or a corrupted database. Module: IDMSSERV Severity: 0 ABNDVARY VARY Reason: The DC task has been abended following a DCMT VARY AREA command because the task is holding a conflicting lock on an area that This is an internal logic error. Contact Technical Support.

A tape written outside the Library (D/T3480) is correctly passed to CA1 with a status of 'Private' known to TMS. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1102 1102 Reason: A FIND NEXT IN SET command found a record type which is not recorded by the subschema as being in the set. IDMSTUNE (TUNE INDEX) is such a caller. weblink An internal logic error has occurred.

Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1107 1107 Reason: An attempt was made to lock a dbkey of zero or null. Problem was in TMS product ZARA and resolved by X122A051. . If you use option 1 from the presentation you do need a listener, instead you need a long running transaction to poll the socket for a request. It is typically preceded by other messages in the log which should elucidate the condition.

rsn=581500AD The problem NEVER occurs if HFS accessed via TSO OMVS. Possible causes are: An attempt was made to front-end the SVC. Rate this content Thank you for your feedback. Contact Technical Support.

Contact Technical Support. Any tips on what this is about? Thanks

More... After a tape is labeled and written on, the status in TCDB shows 'Private' with a correct Storage Group.

When testing the TCTTIOT for the correct UCB entry by comparing the UCBCHAN fields, an 0C4 can occur in IFG0202I if the two UCBCHAN fields are different. An internal logic error has occurred. This indicates an internal error. This code displayed in DC087100 message.

The PDS2TTRT (program directory entry + x'c') does not point to the first text record.