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Class Row Method Getscroll: Parameter 1 Is Invalid


Note: This method is valid only when used with rowsets that reference data from the Component buffers. Returns None. Grid, it is on level 1. If so, please share some sample code. http://homecomputermarket.com/is-invalid/invalid-synonym.html

Note: This method does not work for Application Engine state records. What I mean is that I was trying this: &rsSSR_CART_SUS = GetRowset(Scroll.SSR_CART_SUS); In SSR_CART_SUS.GBL.SSR_CART_SUS.RowInit Component PeopleCode. This means that any rowset object, followed by a parameter list, acts as if GetRow is specified. Returns None. http://peoplesoft.ittoolbox.com/groups/technical-functional/peoplesoft-hr-l/error-class-row-method-getrowset-scroll-r1_wrk-is-invalid-5292533

Class Row Method Getscroll: Parameter 1 Is Invalid

The Refresh method clears the existing buffers and does a refresh from the database. Thanks in advance. Returns None.

You receive a runtime error if you use the table name as a column prefix instead of the correlation ID. sandipsaha Jun 13, 2008 Hi Derek,I have a business situation where I need to have a list box field where value will be fetched from a view. If you don’t specify record_list, both the record name and the field name have to match exactly for data to be copied from one record field to another. The Page Field Name field’s value defaults to the primary record name for the level at which the grid occurs; however, the value can be changed by the application developer.) Returns

Home | Invite Peers | More PeopleSoft Groups Your account is ready. Class Row Method Getrecord Record Is Invalid It's a good read. This is a default method for rowsets. bindvars A list of bind variables to be substituted in the WHERE clause.

Example In the following example, as the primary database record isn’t effective-dated, the new row is inserted after the second row in the rowset. &ROWSET.InsertRow(2); Related Links DeleteRow Delete Using Standalone Example The following example hides the second level scroll if a value exists in the NO_COMMENTS field in the first level of the scroll. Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. less Receive the latest blog posts: Share Your Perspective Share your professional knowledge and experience with peers.

Class Row Method Getrecord Record Is Invalid

Parameters GridName Specify the grid name as a string in PAGE.RECORD format in which PAGE is the page name and RECORD is the name of the grid as defined in Application see this here Component DEPEN_BENEF Page DEPEN_BENEF2 -- Scroll 1 Pimary record DEP_BEN -- Scroll 2 Primary record DEP_BEN_EFF -- R1_WRK -- work record -- Proof -- field Code: /* Obtain access to the Class Row Method Getscroll: Parameter 1 Is Invalid If your record (MI_IS_RET_LN) and (MI_IS_RET_VW) has same fields (no of fields could vary) but if they both use the same fieldnames then you can use copyto function. Class Record Method Getfield Field Is Invalid nagmani5005 Feb 10, 2009 Hi Derek, i am having 5 grids on the page and i need to show a help text for all the rows present in different grids.

Place your PeopleCode in a parent rowset and execute it against a child rowset. this content sign up and take advantage of 16,437 PeopleSoft professionals who are here to help you. For rowsets corresponding to component buffer data, the Flush method executes in turbo mode only—that is, default processing is performed, but only on the row being flushed. The code is in Page Activate. Getrowset Peoplecode

If the primary record for the rowset is effective-dated or a standalone rowset, the new row is inserted before the current row, and all values from the current row are copied Parameters None. This can be a string or a SQL definition. weblink I tried &InterEval = GetLevel0().GetRow(1).GetRowset(Record.HRS_INTEVAL _ WRK); and now get Class Row method Getrowset scroll:paramater 1 is invalid (2,267) HRS_MANAGE_APP.Active PCPC:14267 Statement:147 Instead Thanks, Have a good one!

Level. 0(). & Inter. The first scrollname in paramlist must be a child rowset of the rowset executing the method, the second scrollname must be a child of the first child, and so on. Returns An optional Boolean value: True if row is deleted, False otherwise.

Note: Because Flush always leaves one row in the scroll, there will be one row in the scroll even if you don’t read any records.

Blank dates and long characters correspond to NULL on the database. See SQLExec for further information. If the rowset executing the method is a level zero rowset, and you specify Select without specifying any child rowsets with paramlist, the method reads only a single row, because only The example checks a value in each row, then conditionally deletes the row.

This method does not do any database updates. If FieldChanged(SETID) Then &MSG = CreateMessage(OPERATION.SET_CNTRL_REC); &MSG_ROWSET = &MSG.GetRowset(); &MSG_ROWSET.Fill("where SETCNTRLVALUE =:1 and REC_GROUP_ID =:2", SETCNTRLVALUE, REC_GROUP_ID); For &I = 1 To &MSG_ROWSET.ActiveRowCount &MSG_ROWSET.GetRow(&I).SET_CNTRL_REC.SETID.Value = SETID; &MSG_ROWSET.GetRow(&I).PSCAMA.AUDIT_ACTN.Value = "C"; End-For; &MSG.Publish(); Pls kindly reply me in this Email:([email protected]) this will enable me to send you my pictures and tell you more about me I will be waiting to hear from you Best check over here It's that simple.

A technique to avoid this problem is to create a second rowset and use the CopyTo method to copy the changes to the Message rowset as shown in the following example: