Freddi Fish and the Case of The Missing Kelp Seeds


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Part No. 034


For ages 3-8. Grandma Grouper's kelp seeds are missing and without them all of the sea creatures will go hungry! Good think Freddi Fish and her finny friend Luther are on the case, and thanks to a couple of bumbling sharks, they've got some great leads. But the ocean's a big place-there's lots of ground to cover and many obstacles to overcome before the case is solved! Through underwater caves, deep canyons, colorful reefs and more, kids will be immersed for hours in this bottomless adventure of fun, friends, discovery and learning.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows: Pentium PC, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95/98/ME, SVGA(640X480, 256 color) double speed CD-ROM. Macintosh: Minimum 25 MHz 68040 or PowerPC, System 7.0 up through OS9, 8MB RAM 640X480, 256 colors, double-speed CD-ROM drive