Rosetta Stone Level Two (Any Language)


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Part No. 092


The Rosetta Stone Level II programs build on Level I material with more than 300 hours of accelerated study for intermediate learners. Over 4500 real-life images, QuickTime movies and phrases in 118 lessons. Mastery instruction in all key language skills leads to advanced proficiency in the new language.

Level II provides advanced instruction in such categories as:

Measurement: Length, Weight, Volume, Temperature, Distance

The Subjunctive and Subordinate Clauses; Modal Verbs

Travel and Transactions at a Bank

Before and After in Time and Space

Political Geography

A complete reference section of commonly used terms.



That's the essence of the Rosetta Stone's remarkable ability to teach new languages quickly and easily to anyone from any language background. Students work exclusively in the new language because the Rosetta Stone uses thousands of carefully selected, real-life photographs to create the context of meaning, without translation. Native speakers and printed text introduce the new language; students use the mind's innate language learning ability to associate language and meaning. The program elicits the students' response and gives immediate feedback, confirming that comprehension has taken place. This is the first step to fluency and propels students into reading, speaking and writing.

With state-of-the-art multimedia technology, the Rosetta Stone uses "Active Immersion" to change the difficult task of learning a new language into a dynamic, successful experience.

Rosetta Stone is available in the following languages: English/ESL(US), English/EFL(UK), Spanish, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese, Danish, Indonesian, Luxembourgish, Turkish, Greenlandic, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Welsh, Latin, Swahili