World Discovery Deluxe (Win/Mac)


picture not available System Requirements

IBM: 386 or faster, Windows 3.1/95/98, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, VGA/SVGA (256 colors), mouse, sound card.

Macintosh: 4MB RAM, 13" or larger monitor, CD-ROM drive, System 7.0 & up.

Part No. 117-131


From the box: World Discovery Deluxe is a fun, interactive global geography and history program that test your knowledge of geographical, political and historical people, places and events. Explore and learn using 12 interactive and challenging games and activities.

World Discovery Deluxe has digitized speech in English and most local languages, and allows you to change the level of difficulty. You can piece together countries like a jigsaw puzzle, play 12 different games, and answer questions on history, politics and economics. It also includes over 75 maps, cloudless satellite maps, full color topograhpical maps, and grey shaded relief maps.

world Discovery Deluxe includes information on the World, the Caribbean, Eurasia, the Far East, Antarctica, Central America, Europe, Northern Africa, Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, North America (includes the United States, Canada and Mexico), Oceania (includes Australia), Southern Africa, South America, Southeast Asia.

With World Discovery Deluxe, you can create your own game, or choose from those included. You can also add your own questions, flip maps horizontally or vertically, set up tournaments with multiple players, and track high scores.