Music Ace 2 (Win/Mac)


picture not available System Requirements

IBM: Windows 3.1/95/98, 486 66 MHz, 16 MB RAM, 640x480 color SVGA, 24 MB free hard disk space, MPC compatible sound card or General MIDI required, CD-ROM, Mouse

Macintosh: 68040 12 MB RAM, 640x480 color SVGA, 24 MB free hard disk space, System 7.5 or better, CD-ROM, Mouse

Part No. 120-131


Music Ace 2 pick up where Music Ace leaves off. Maestro Max and his choir of Singing Notes return for an encore performance with a veriety of instruments. Covering treble, alto, and bass clefs, Music Ace 2 provides beginning and intermediate students with a continuing introduction to music fundamentals and theory. Music Ace 2 includes more than 2,000 musical examples from 75 composers, 24 Engaging lessons, a games to play after each lesson, and the Music Doodle Pad. This program covers areas like: Rythm, melody, intro to harmony, counting, rests, standard notation, beat and tempo, measures, all key signatures, syncopation, half notes and ties, dotted quarter notes, sixteenth notes, time signatures, major and minor scales, intro to intervals, three sounds per beat, 6/8 time, quarter and eighth notes. Activities include: Ear training, sight reading, performace and echoing, rythmic dictation, composing rythms and melodies, distinguishing melodies and harmonies.