Operation Weather Disaster (Win)


picture not available System Requirements

Windows 3.1/95/98, 486 25 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Double-Speed CD-ROM, Sound Card, Mouse, SVGA Graphics, Hard Drive

Part No. 134-111


Emergency: The World's weather is out of whack! Your Mission: Use your scientific know-how to outsmart the Evil Weatherman and restore the forces of nature. Are you up to it? As the story line goes, you are drawn to the remains of a war torn, hi-tech "stormrunner." You hear a voice from a robot. The voice is that of Millibar, a weather-intelligent agent. She solicits your help. Immediately, you're sucked into the tightly woven, utterly complicated, and nail biting mission of taking out the evil Weatherman and restoring the Earth's weather to its natural state. You work with the elite disaster force, Team Xtreme, trying to stop the Weatherman, and all the while you're learning about weather! A good program for ages 10 on up.