Widget Workshop (Win/Mac)


picture not available System Requirements

IBM: Windows 3.1/95, 486DX or above, 8 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, SVGA 256 colors, Hard disk with 20 MB free. Macintosh: 68030, 25 MHz or higher, System 7.5 or above, 8 MB RAM, color monitor with 8-bit (256 color) graphics, hard disk with 20 MB free.

Part No. 135-131


From the box: Widget Workshop is the hands-on science lab that lets your kids put it together, take it apart, plug it in, hook it up, experiment, explore, and excite their senses. They'll have fun inventing all sorts of wonderful widgets--and, in the process, discover the fundamentals of science, math and the world around them. Widget workshop teaches building blocks of science, including physics, math, sound and logic. It stregthens critical thinking skills, and lets kids share the fun with friends--even those without Widget Workshop!