Multimedia Horses (Win/Mac)


picture not available System Requirements

IBM: Windows 3.1/95/98, 386 or higher, SVGA Graphics, 4 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, Sound Card, Mouse

Macintosh: Any color Macintosh 13-inch monitor, 4 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive

Part No. 182-131


Give your computer some serious horsepower! Come catch a ride with us for a journey through the fascinating world of horses, but don't forget to bring your saddlebags, 'cause this disk is loaded. Featuring 101 different breeds, this CD-ROM is packed full of over an hour of video, audio, professional photography, history, and fun facts. Also included is the special CORRAL feature lets you fid your ideal horse! And there are plenty of games for you to horse around with! Multimedia Horses is the only resource of its kind for horse lovers who want access to a comprehensive interactive database, or beginners of all ages who just want to have fun! Giddyup! Included is a pocket guidebook. This full-color guidebook is packed with beautiful photographs, interesting facts, and easy-to-read charts and maps, yet it fits right in your pocket. 160 page book features a reference section with a glossary, information on horse care and learning to ride, and more.