Captain Bible


picture System Requirements

DOS 3.3/WIN 3.1/95/98, 500K RAM, Hard Disk (3.5 MB), VGA Monitor, Mouse, Sound Card

Part No. 184-112


The Bible Corps sends Captain Bible into the Dome of Darkness, a city imprisoned by forces of deception. Armed with his computer Bible, Captian Bible must find his way through seven levels of action adventure, discovering and applying Scripture to defeat lies of deception cybers that block the city's innocent victims from the Truth. Prayed and faith help Captian Bible in his ultimate objective: Destroy the Dome of Darkness. A great Bible-based science fiction computer game for ages 7-Adult. Easy, Normal, and Difficult options, with 7 levels of adventure for many hours of play. Support for four Bible versions: KJV, NIV, RSV, TLB