Mighty Math Grades Cosmic Geometry


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Cosmic Geometry is one of six titles in Edmark's Mighty Math Series, a comprehensive line of math software for Kindergarten through ninth grade. In Cosmic Geometry, twelve- to fourteen-year-olds visit a distant, richly rendered planet where exploration of basic geometry principles results in adventures such as navigating a labyrinth, constructing a moving robot, or seeing the planet through X-ray glasses. Cosmic Geometry and its companion program, Astro Algebra, cover major topics in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade math curricula.

In elementary school, blocks and counters are used to foster children's concrete understanding of math. At the middle school level, math instruction becomes increasingly abstract, leaving many students confused and unable to grasp the basic geometry and algebra concepts they wil need to succeed in high school and beyond. Many of the activities in Cosmic Geometry contain Virtual Manipulatives, a unique technology that uses the computer to help students make the connection between concrete and abstract mathematics. for example, in the Geometry Academy module, students can change the size of one angle in a triangle and see how this affects the lengths of the triangle's sides. Students will learn geometry basics, understand the concepts behind the facts, and master the thinking skills necessary for successful problem solving.

Cosmic Geometry offers dozens of math topics and hundreds of math problems. Five engaging activities provide hours and hours of math learning and fun. Cosmic Geometry introduces and reinforces such geometry concepts as angle measurement, surface area, volume, 2D and 3D coordinates, transformation, and construction. As students learn and succeed, unique Grow Slides advance automatically, offering more challenging problems. You can also set an activity's Grow Slide for practice in a specific geometry topic. Activities in both Questino & Answer Mode and Explore Mode are offered to ensure that students experience directed as well as self directed learning.

Our Goal is to place the very best educational software in the hands of young people, providing the consistent qualtiy that parents have come to expect from Edmark. During the development of this program, we have listened to teachers, parents and students. We would really like the opportunity to listen to you as well. Please drop us a line or visit our Wev site (www.edmark.com) to share your thoughts and suggestions, and join us in helping ignite the curious mind.

System Requirements: Macintosh System 7.0.1 or higher, 68040, 68030 25MHz or faster, 5MB of free hard disk space, 16 MB of RAM, 13" or larger monitor, 256 colors or more, 2X or faster CD-ROM Windows: 3.1 or higher, 486 or better (at least 33Mhz), at least 5MB of Free disk space,8 MB of RAM, Super VGA graphics, 640x480, 256 or more colors, 2x or faster CD-ROM, windows compatible cound card.