Trudy's Time & Place House


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Part No. 203


Come on in and say hello to one of our favorite early learning alligator named Trudy! We are pleased to welcome Trudy and her whimsical friends to Edmark's award-winning Early Learning Series. Like Mille's Math House, Bailey's Book House, Sammy's Science House, and Stanley's Sticker Stories, Trudy's Time & Place House has been crafted with care to bring your child many fun-filled hours of leanring.

Five smile-filled activities develop time and geography skills, helping your child build social studies foundation. Practice telling time; explore the concept of time passage; compare the relationships among different units of time; discover the relatinoships among the earth, a globe, and a world map; locate and name continents, oceans, world landmarks; and develop mapping and direction skills.

Trudy's Time & Place House encourages exploration and rewards persistence. Each activity has an Explre and Discover Mode and a Question and Answer Mode. This allows your child to either explore freely and direct the learning, or to leanr with more prompting and feedback. Level selection within many of the activities ensures your child is always challenged, but never overwhelmed.

Together Time pages sugggest activites that you and your child can share, and Dear Parents offers video suggestions you can use as your child's "first teacher." Although nothing replaces the time you spend with your child engaged in real world discovery, Trudy and her friends offer additional opportunities for your child to play and leanr in an engagin world of time and geography.

During the development process, we have listened to teachers, parents, and chidren, but we would really like to listen to you. Please drop us a line, talk to us about your needs, and join us in helping children discover the joy of learning.

System Requirements: Macintosh: Color Macintosh (256 colors required), 4 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, 13" or larger monitor. Windows: Windows 3.1 or higher, 4MB of RAM, CD-ROM, 386DX/33 MHz or higher, Hard disk with 2 MB free, Mouse, Windows-compatible sound-output device.