Sim Mania Pack (Win)


picture not available System Requirements

Windows 95/98, Pentium 166 MHz or faster, 32 MB RAM, 35 MB (or more) hard drive space (for each game), DirectX 5.0 compatible 1 MB PCI Video Card, DirectX 5.0 compatible sound card, Quad speed or faster CD-ROM, Keyboard, Mouse

Part No. 238-111


Makes a great gift! The Sim Mania Pack is a brand new bundle that includes SimCity, SimTower, SimIsle, SimSafari, Streets of SimCity, SimCopter!

SimCity is the original city simulator, a true classic in computer entertainment. SimCity dares you to design and build the city of your dreams. SimCity took the computer world by storm, stretched the bounds of entertainment software, and tore down the wall between fun and learning.

With SimTower, it's not a city your designing, but a skyscraper! success in SimTower requires design talent, management skills, business acumen and the ability to keep your customers happy. And be on the lookout for fires, insect infestations, terrorists and -- you'll find out soon enough!

In SimIsle you decide the fate of the Rain Forests. With teams of agents at your command you'll embark on a series of missions to determine the fate of a series of island rain forests.

SimSafari lets you create and explore your own African safari park and camp! SimSafari brings Africa to you! Imagine yourself in rugged bush country, peering through binoculars at vast herds of elephants, zebras, and lions. Choose from exotic plants and wildlife to create your own safari park. Great for ages 8 and up!

Streets of SimCity is mayhem in your metropolis! It's your city to cruise through, or bruise through. speed through a sprawling metropolis or tackle one of Streets' rim rattling missions. On the Streets of SimCity, you set the road rules.

In SimCopter you get to fly missions in the metropolis. Soar through 30 built-in cities in hyper realistic 3D and perform death-defying missions from medevac rescues to ariel firefighting. Complete your heroics and receive your rewards: a snazzier copter, a tougher mission, and more near death experiences.