Math Blaster Pre-Algebra


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Part No. 280


Math Blaster Pre-Algebra covers a full year of Pre-Algebra. Master over 15 skills, including: Computayion using decimals, integersand rational numbers. Solving word problems. Ratios, proportions and percents. Translating mathematical expressions. Applying order of operations. Creating mathematical equations. Graphing. Manipulating positive and negative numbers. Estimation. Logical thinking.

Provide fun while you learn. All the world's math knowledge is being gobbled up by the devious Dr. Dabble's math-stealing machine. Help Rave search the madman's mansion and pull the plug on the device. Along with solving tricky word problems, you'll also have to rely on your estimation skills, create mathematical equations and compute with fractions, decimals and integers. By the time you put the bite on the math-muncher, you'll not only be a whiz at Pre-Algebra, you'll be ready to devour Algebra itself!