Math-Teacher + Algebra 2


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Part No. 284


Math-Teacher + is a unique tool that combines a comprehensive tutorial with a free-form function investigation laboratory. It includes a smart graphic calculator that provides for most common operations and transformations on or between functions. It uses animation to demonstrate concepts such as secant converging to a tangent, limits, convexity and concavity. It visualizes math concepts by dynamically drawing integrals and antiderivatives with the mouse. It enriches the learning environment by manipulating graphs, expressions and data from tables with drag-and-drop capability. It allows user to present and manipulate the graphic data also in tables. It provides a basic set of learning activities imported from MS Word. It imports user-defined activities prepared by teachers in MS Word for directed study. It allows users to collect up results and export them to MS Word or to print them out. Math Teacher + leads students naturally from theory and exploration to a mastery of math concepts and skills.

The curriculum is set up in five modules. Each module is sold separately.

Algebra 1: Covers Algebraic Expressions 1 (Operations, Substitution, Building expressions, Factorization). Algebraic Expressions 2 : (Special products, Factorization, Building equations, Powers). Area and Volume (The metric system, Calculations of area and volume). Equations 1 (Equations and inequalities of the first degree).

Algebre 2: Covers Equations 2 (Second degree equations and inequalities). Equations 3 (Equations and systems with two variables). Equations 4 (Quadratic systems, Linear equations and systems with a parameter). Sequences (Explicit and recursive definition, Arithmetic and geometric progression).

Word Problems-Probability: Covers Word Problems 1 (First degree problems in percentages and numbers). Word Problems 2 (First degree problems dealing with geometrical shapes and uniform motion). Probability 1 (Calculation of probabilities). Probabilities 2 (Counting problems, binomial and normal distributions).

Analytic Geometry-Trigonometry: Covers Analytic Geometry 1 (Points in the plane, The straight line, The Circle). Analytic Geometry 2 (The ellipse, The hyperbola, The parabola). Trigonometry 1 (Definition of the functions, Solving triangles and shapes). Trigonometry 2 (Extension of functions to R, Identities and equations).

Calculus-Linear Programming: Covers Derivatives 1 (The notion of the derivative, Investigating polynomial functions). Derivatives 2 (Deriving and investigating elementary functions). Integrals (Antiderivatives, Calculation of area and volume). Linear Programming (Inequalities and systems with two variables, Solving problems).