Chess Advantage (5 in 1)


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Part No. 303


Chess Advantage contains 5 challenging games: The Chessmaster 4000, Combat Chess, Grandmaster Chess Ultra, Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess, & Internet Chess Club

The Chessmaster 4000. The program features a powerful 32 bit chess engine, along with modem and networking capability. Choose from an incredible library of challenging computer opponents for all levels of play, from newcomers to past grandmasters. Features: Choose from a dozen chess sets. Design your own set or board. Have your play rated by the Chessmaster. Replay and experience 500 classic games.

Combat Chess: Prepare for battle! You'll need to be ready when the Black Knight's turning your pawns to green jelly, and the Queen's threatening to deliver a majestic head-butt to your King...Suddenly, with the click of a mouse you're locked into a fight between good and evil, where losing just isn't an option. Features: Experience more than 600 intense combat sequences. Play in 2D or with a classic 3D Stautan set. Set your own skill level: amateur or expert. Learn from professional in-game tutorials.

Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess: Master the grandest board game of all through the innovative coaching of one of the highest-ranked International Masters. Experience, one-on-one, world-renowned Maurice Ashley's proven method for creating tournament champions. Learn to excel at every facet of the game, from basic moves to advanced strategies. Features: Extensive video coaching and exercises. Thousands of challenges to sharpen your game. Learn strategies to crush your opponents. Endorsed by the Pro Chess Association.

Grandmaster Chess Ultra: Play against a chess engine that has defeated some of today's top ranked grandmasters or challenge friends via network or modem. For novices, set the skill level and customize your opponent's playing style and strengths. Grandmaster Chess Ultra has all the features you'd expect from the latest in PV chess play. Features: Over 20 chess sets and boards. Powerful graphics and sounds. Multimedia lessons by the experts. Network and modem-to-modem play.

Internet Chess Club: Test yourself against live human adversaries. The Internet Chess Club's acclaimed service enables you to play real games against real human opponents at You will find chess enthusiasts of all levels ready for a quick game, impromptu tournament, or friendly chat. There's hardly a better way to have fun while improving your game. Features: Compete in daily tournaments. Meet and learn from grandmasters. Watch major chess events. Earn your own rating.