Spy Fox in Dry Cereal


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Part No. 304


Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal" is an interactive, animated adventure. Spy Fox, the super-smooth secret agent finesses his way through Spy Corp's toughest assignments. Your kids will put their wits to the test as they help Spy Fox use a host of slick gadgets, including a laser toothbrush and suction cuff links, to thwart William the Kid's dastardly plans to capture all of the world's milk makers. Monkey Penny and Quack provide clues from the Mobile Comand Center as our hero takes on Kid's cast of animal adversaries. It's an udderly exhilarating world of cartoon espionage!

Innovative new tools like TALK BALLOONS allow kids to investigate in a whole new way.

Use top-secret Spy gadgets to solve puzzles that test logic, memory and coordination.

Earn clues with fun games and activities.

Better play again -- the clues change evry time you play, and the game just might end differently!

Out of time? You can save the game and finish it later.