Sim Mania for Kids


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Part No. 305


Makes a great gift! Sim Mania For Kids is a new bundle that includes SimTown, SimPark, SimSafari, SimTunes, Widget Workshop, and SimAnt!

SimTown is much like SimCity but design more for younger kids. SimTown is the first game that lets kids build their own dream town and build key learning skills in the process. Kids choose from a colorful variety of houses, businesses, and parks. And SimTown is open-ended, so new suprises and new learning opportunities pop up on main street every day.

SimPark is the only game where kids create and run their own flowering, buzzing, chirping, roaring park! Your young rangers choose from a forest of full of plants and animals to fill their living and evolving ecosystems. Kids can add picnic tables and slides to attract humans. Manage everything from cleaning up to placing animal and plant life.

SimSafari lets you create and explore your own African safari park and camp! SimSafari brings Africa to you! Imagine yourself in rugged bush country, peering through binoculars at vast herds of elephants, zebras, and lions. Choose from exotic plants and wildlife to create your own safari park. Great for ages 8 and up!

SimTunes allows kids to make their own "musical pictures"! Bugz dance around the screen, triggering bursts of light and sound each time they pass over a different colored dot or line.

Widget Workshop explores science and math in a unique, open ended setting! Widget Workshop is the hands-on science lab that lets your kids put it together, take it apart, plub it in, experiment, explore, and excite their senses. They'll have fun inventing all sorts of wonderful widgets--and, in the process, discover the fundamentals of science, math, and the world around them.

SimAnt is the electronic any colony. Based on real ant biology and behavior, SimAnt gives you the experience of life as an ant: Fight for queen and colony; defend your home from deadly predators; Face hordes of enemy ants; Invade the home of humans; Endure the dangers of insecticide poisoning; reproduce to make more ants. Be the ant.