Music Ace 1


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Part No. 310


Music Ace is one of the best music programs available. 24 Engaging lessons emphasize music fundamentals. In this easy to use, self-paced, interactive program, Maestro Max leads you through a series of 24 comprehensive lessons that develop and reinforce fundamental music skills and an understanding of music theory. Your student will learn things like: Staff and keyboard relationship, pitch identification and note reading, listening skills, sharps, flats, and key signatures, keyboard basics, major scales and octaves, treble, bass and grand staff. When the lessons are over the games begin. After completing each lesson, you're challenged to play an exciting game that improves retention of important lesson concepts. The games are designed to give you a video arcade "feel", so learning seems more like entertainment. Music Ace also includes "Music Doodle Pad" that allows even beginners to easily compose and listen to their own music. Listen and watch as your own musical creations come to life!