Oregon Trail 4


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Part No. 318


The Oregon Trail - 4th Edition (3 CD Set) provides thrilling, trailblazing adventure that bulds real-life skills.

The year is 1848 ... Perhaps you are a farmer from New England, or a teacher from Alabama, or a freed slave from Virginia. No matter what your background, you are consumed with the prospect of an incredible opportunity: the chance to move West and start a new life.

You've heard stories about people who have already traveled the Oregon Trail. Young and old, rich and poor, individuals and families -- people from all walks of life, have been embarking upon this great journey. The reason? Free, fertile farmland for anyone brave enough to make the trip. And now you want to make the journey yurself!

The keys to overcoming the challenges of the trail were good planning and decision-making: Who should you travel with? What supplies should you bring along? Which way should you go when you reach a fork in the road?

This is the greatest edition of Oregon Trail ever!