The New Way Things Work

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The New Way Things Work is a great way to understand the mechanics and inside-workings of the things we use in our everyday lives. In this program, The Great Wooly Mammoth, the inventor's hapless assistant returns & this time you can help him improve his inventor skills in the Mammoth School House. Play the challenging quiz and increase or decrease the mammoth's intelligence, depending on how well you do! This new version features even more machines in a new "Digital Domain" covering all the latest technology from the Internet to Digital TV, and from the modem to artificial intelligence. Plus there are extraordinary new landscapes to explore.

Here is a review of the Pinball Science CD (taken from The 2001 Homeschooler's Software Guide by Dan & Tammy Kihlstadius):

Dorling Kindersley Title
Ages: 9-up
Subjects: physics: force, magnetism, gravity
Skills needed: reading, some astronomy

All kids love pinball and this program turns pinball games into pure science. Questions pop up and the student answers queries concerning friction, levers, magnetism, force and gravity. If the student does not know the answers, they can research the on-screen inventor's journal to learn about physics' concepts. Correct answers are rewarded with a new part to build a pinball machine, such as a spring, flippers, levers or rockets. Once the machine is fully assembled, the student gets to play pinball with a machine they built themselves. Since kids love to play the game, they are highly motivated to continue researching and answering questions. The built-in quizzes have three levels of difficulty, presenting harder material as the child progresses. The graphics and sound are very realistic and the balance of education and fun is excellent.

Recommended use: Excellent gift or supplement to Jr. High physical science.

System Requirements: (MAC) Operating system: 7.5.3 or higher, CPU: iMac/Power PC, 100 MHz, RAM: 16 Mb, Screen display: 640 x 480 pixels, 256 colors, CD-ROM speed: quad-speed (4x), Available space on harddrive: 16Mb, Audio: 8-bit sound card, Other: Loudspeakers or headphones, mouse