My First Amazing Science Explorer


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Part No. 333


How does a light switch work? Why is grass green? What is a star? Discover the answers to these and hundreds of other amazing questions about the principles of science. Visit eight interactive environments. Conduct real experiments. Record your findings. Even test your progress in the Bright Sparks Quiz. In no time at all, you'll be a true Science Explorer! Kids learn all about electricity, forces and energy, heat, light and sound, living things, materials, reactions, simple machines, space. Explore eight environments--from countryside to city, kitchen to workshop. Each is packed with informative pop-ups, brain-tickling questions, challenging activities--all about the world around you! This program includes 8 interactive environments, 20 exciting experiments, over 100 collectible awards, over 150 engaging animations, 72 narrated pop-ups, 8 scientific activities, 8 stimulating worksheets, 15 page personalized printable workbook, progress tracking chart.