Kid Desk - Internet Safe


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Part No. 354


KidDesk - Internet Safe is the Kid-friendly answer to computer and Internet security. Each kid has his/her own desktop. Kids see only whay you put on their desktops, so you can control access to hard drives, CD's and the Internet. It's easy with a special automated tool that steps you through adding programs and web sites.

KidDesk puts you in charge of their safety, and your kids in charge of their fun -- all without constant supervision!

Features: Only the sites you approve can be viewed. Kids cannot type in URLs, nor enter unapproved search engines, or access Web sites. You choose the chat rooms your child can visit. You decide how long each cild can spend on-line each day with time limit controls. You can control whether your child can type in data such as names and addresses. Let's your kids enjoy safe, independent fun, even when you aren't around.