Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess


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Part No. 361


Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess is both a complete teaching tool and a full featured chess program!


First, learn everything you need in order to think and win like a seasoned player...

  • Maurice teaches you chess in a fun and non-intimidating way - from beginning moves to advanced strategies

  • Thousands of fast-paced, interactive challenges sharpen your game skills and board visulization

  • Interactive video coaching prepares you to play killer chess

  • Classic Master Games - analyzed with our exclusive "video chalkboard" feature - put you inside the minds of the chess masters

  • Learn strategies you can use to slam-dunk your opponents


...Now, practice and play with these exceptinoal features:

  • Five 3D-rendered sets of chess pieces and thematic boards

  • Adaptive chess engine that assesses your ability and challenges you at your skill level

  • Intuitive user interface and controls, including customizable play level, tournament clock, and expert help

  • Import and export of games in a variety of formats

CD-Rom for Windows 3.1 and up, or Macintosh Sys 7 and higher