Amazon Trail 3rd Edition


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Part No. 363


Guide your canoe on a wild rainforest adventure through the Amazon!

Build real life skills in decision making and problem solving as you navigate the Amazon River on wild rainforest adventure. Experience the mysteries of the rainforest as you build your understanding of history and science. Will you successfully navigate the 4,000 mile journey along the largest river in the world? Your survival depends on the many decisions you make along the way!

Plan your trip. Choose a guide with strong skills, stock up on food and equipment, and begin your adventrue from the old port city of Belem.

Plot your course. Discover the rich history of the Amazon by talking to conquitadors, naturlists and modern day inhabitants. Use theri advice, maps, guidebooks and your own instincts to navigate the river.

Explore the Amazon. Enjoy canoeing, fishing, and rainforest exploration. Step into the jungle to identify and photograph hundreds of unique animals and plant species.

Ages 10 & up

CD-Rom for Pc Win 95 and higher, for Mac, System 7.5 or higher