Mia's Math Adventure Ages 6-10


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Part No. 365


The Mia Difference: With groundbreaking 3-D graphics and revolutionary game play format, Mia makes learning fun. Developed by award winning animators, musicians and educators, every minute of play is designed to spark children's interest and stir their imagination. This is what separates the Mia Adventure Series from any other children's software - a successful mix of entertainment and quality education. The Mia Adventure series is to children's educational software, what Myst and Carmen Sandiego were to the gaming industry - fresh, unique and inspirational. Each adventure puts your child in full control - free to lead Mia on an exciting escapade.

    Key Features:

    Gorgeous feature-film animation

    Games and puzzles

    Marvelously rich 3-D universe

    Colorful and endearing characters

    2 CD's for hours of fun filled entertainment

    Fun Subjects:

    Addition & Subtraction

    Multiplication & Division

    Geometric Shapes

    Thinking Skills

    Plus much more...

System Requirements: Windows, Windows 95 or better, including XP, Pentium 166MMX and up, 32MB or RAM (64 recommended), 640 x 480 (256 color) Video Card, 16 Bit Sound Blaster Sound Card (or anything 100% compatible), 6X CD-ROM Drive, 40MB of Hard Drive Space Macintosh, OS 8.1 or better, PowerMac 275 Mhz or Better