Switched-on Schoolhouse Grade 7 Complete


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Part No. 455


The core curriculum for the Switched-On Schoolhouse builds upon the solid foundation of the LIFEPAC Curriculum that has been repeatedly proven in homes and schools for decades. Surpassing its predecessor, SOS provides an interactive, multimedia learning environment.

Updated for 2001! Switched-On Schoolhouse now includes these new and improved features:


    Instructors welcome students to the course, giving an overview and study tips. These teachers, partnered with our "Tiny Tutors," provide students with additional guidance and help them get the shcool year off to a good start.


    Put history into perspective with this new feature. Click on any linked date in the curriculum (all subjects) to find out where in history you are. Students can see the context of their studies and how the events of the past fit together.


    Dynamic Learning Activities help students apply what they have learned in an exciting new way. In this interactive game environment, students can choose to practice timed math computations on "chalkboards," mix beakers of chemicals to balance equations in chemistry lab, and, in the state quiz section, test their knowledge about each state while racing against the clock to place the state piece on the map.


    Want your student to work away from the computer for a while? You can print: Lessons, quizzes and tests, Answer keys, Grade reports, Spelling lists, Supply lists for science experiments, Solution keys for upper-grade math, Complete scope and sequence


    Solution Keys offer additional teacher support for solving problems in these difficult upper grades of math. The solution keys come in a printable file that parents can use when going over work with their students.


    One of the most popular features with students has just gotten better. Vocabulocity is a 3-D game that helps students learn their vocabulary words. New graphics, sound effects and storyline will keep students playing and learning.


    Organizing your lesson plans and setting due dates is easier than ever. Automatic lesson plans are based on your school calendar. Generate a year's worth of lesson plans with the click of a button.


    Keep your curriculum current! When we find changes that need to be made in the curriculum or the program, we post downloadable files on our Web site for you to use. The instructions are easy to follow, and our technical support team is ready to help you. You need not wait for a new edition.


    Switched-On Schoolhouse is designed to give you the flexibility to make important educational decisions as you see fit. Default settings are in place to give you a starting point. From there, you can make adjustments according to the needs of your students: Assign extra projects or skip over lessons, Clear student work and send a section back to be redone, Enable or disable Web links and games, Allow for "open book" or "open page" quizzes and tests, Reorganize subjects and add your own projects, Adjust grading scale, Override the computer grading.


    It's the electronic way to tutor! Designed for efficient communication, Switched-On Schoolhouse messaging allows you to exchange messages with your students using electronic "sticky notes" attached to each question. You can also add instructions or comments for each student via their electronic mailboxes.