Color Phonics


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Part No. 502


The color-keyed way to read!

The Color-Phonics System associates sounds with specific colors rather than with confusing diacritical marks.


Research shows that a big stumbling block in learning to read is the ability to recognize sounds. Color Phonics helps solve this problem by carefully teaching proper pronunciation.

Color Phonics is:

  • A comprehensive phonics program.

  • A coupling of fonts & colors to teach simplified phonics rules, which are not broken.

  • Teaches blending (sounds out, an important foundation for word formation and reading.

  • Becomes progressively more challenging as the student learns to read.

Who is Color Phonics for?

  • Children learning to read for the first time.

  • Remedial English students.

  • Adults who want a better phonics foundation for reading.

  • English as a Second Language students.

  • Ages 3 to adult.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • CD-ROMs for Multimedia PC

  • Windows 3.1 or higher, including Windows 95

  • Minimum 386/33 MHZ

  • Super VGA or better

  • Sound Card

  • Mouse


  • 5 CD-ROMS

  • 130-Page Teacher's Guide

  • Reference Cards