Learn to Speak French - Jewel Case


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Part No. 511


Now there's a new way to lean French. And it's better than ever. Introducing Learn to Speak French--a highly interactive, self-paced language program that will have you speaking and understanding everyday French words and phrases in no time. With QuickTime video and audio recordings of native French speakers to guide you, you'll develop conversational French skills in the context of real-life situations. Plus, you can practice your pronunciation until it's perfect, using the record and playback feature to compare your own voice to those of native speakers. It's easy, flexible, and convenient. What's more, it works!

Special Features:

  • A complete language course that develops speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing skills.

  • 30 chapters based on real-life situations.

  • Extensive video and audio of 11 native French speakers.

  • Advanced record and playback technology.

  • 60 original QuickTime movies.

  • Highly interacive communication and grammar drills.