2002 World Book Encyclopedia


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2002 World Book 4 CD-ROM Premier Edition

  • Every article from the world’s best-selling print encyclopedia.

  • Easy to use--

  • Over 21,220+ Articles

  • Just double-click any workd to find the meaning.

  • Simply use the topic or word search options to locate your desired information.

  • Sticky notes mark the information that you want to find again, and it is easy to highlight the content.

  • 1,200+ Maps

  • Detailed interactive maps, reflecting the highest cartographic standards, broaden your perspective on the world.

  • Maps present information such as climate, economy, population distribution, and historical development.

  • 121 Video and 783 Audio Clips

  • Just click on the appropriate buttons for hundreds of exciting videos and sounds that bring your favorite topics to life!

  • 129 Breathtaking Panoramas

  • Get 360-degree panoramic views of fascinating places!

  • You'll feel like you're there!

  • Internet vs CD-Rom

    These days many people use the Internet to source reference matieral. So why buy an encyclopedia on CD-Rom? Simple, the retrieval rate is often up to twenty times faster, and with World Book, you can trust the information. (Knowing the Internet's reputation for questionable content and sources, many parents and consumers feel much safer with a CD-Rom source of information).

    Includes Discovery Channel CD-ROMS...The Universe and History of Earth