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Part No. 602


Master 10 core subjects with these expert tutors! 1,000’s of step-by-step lessons, Personalized, self-paced exercises, 3-D images, animations & audio

VOCABULARY - Expand your eloquence with hundreds of new words. 75 word lists with audio files of proper pronunciation / Custom lessons, interactive quizzes / Excellent practice for college entrance exams.

COMPOSITION - Create your own writing style. Over 70 in-depth lessons / Covers editing, research, creative writing, journalism & more / Advice on college applications & job queries.

CHEMISTRY - Discover the secrets of atoms, elements and compounds. 14 topics from Elements to Organic Chemistry / Hundreds of screens, pop-ups and 3D graphics.

PHYSICS - Explore the scientific laws that govern our universe. 55 exciting topics from Energy to Optics / Dozens of animations & video sequences / A special “Meet the Scientists” section.

LIFE SCIENCES - Investigate the world of plants & animals. 35 exotic topics from Ecology to Zoology / Hundreds of brilliant photos / Built-in dictionary.

ALGEBRA II - Learn advanced problem-solving strategies through interactive examples. 26 topics from Functions to Binomial Theorem / Easy-to-use animations & simulations / Challenging quizzes.

TRIGONOMETRY - Excel at visualizing shapes * math relations. 24 topics from Angles to Polar Coordinates / Narration, graphics & hundreds of problems / Completely cross-linked reference library.

FRENCH - Master French quickly & easily with the help of native speakers. 15 detailed lessons with over 10,000 words / Electronic flashcards & pronunciation aids.

WORLD HISTORY - Witness the history of the world in multimedia. 70 animations, 25 videos & 3 hours of audio / Instant acess to any part of the world at any time in history / Cross-referencing of events, people & places.

GEOGRAPHY - Roam the globe with ease. 10,000 screens & 600 state-of-the-art maps / In-depth surveys of 193 nations / Detailed data on politics, industries, economics & more.

BONUS! Full-Version Encylopedia.