Phonics Alive ! 2 - The Sound Blender


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Part No. 606


For Grades 1-6

"For the children who will progress through the Sound Blender, it will be one of the seminal experiences of their lives, and at the end of it, they will have their language within their grasp. A superb product" Mark Butler, The Australian

Phonics Alive! is an interactive sequenced learning program teaching phonics awareness. The program consists of 20 separate modules, each introducing a cluster of sounds presented as beginning, middle and ending sounds. The sequence of sounds was determined by research. The program introduces all single sounds of the alphabet, and some three letter sound blends as an introduction to sound blending. All instructions are presented orally with no reading ability required. The program contains over twelve hundred pictures introduced to extend the student's vocabulary, then takes the student through a number of interactive levels requiring responses via the keyboard, as well as "clicking" and "dragging" usine the mouse. Each module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The program is self-paced in that students can work through each level within a module at their own speed.

System Requirements:

Mac: 68040, with System 7 or higher, 8 mb RAM Win: 486SX 66MHz or higher, 8 mb RAM